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The strength of the SCOTO Network lies in the sharing of information and inspiring each other, and we strongly believe that tourism can be a force for good.

What we do

SCOTO’s ambition is to recalibrate tourism in Scotland to deliver for Scotland’s communities and environment first.

SCOTO is the only organisation promoting community tourism and the only network with specialist knowledge and extensive experience in this subject. SCOTO has a range of services and activities to support and grow community tourism.


Our work at SCOTO is based on seven key activities, each detailed below:

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A Forum for Networking

Individuals and communities across Scotland have access to at least six online gatherings per annum, showcasing best practices and support networking. SCOTO also hosts an annual conference with learning exchange visits.

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Learning & Resources

SCOTO provides free access to a bank of online resources specifically tailored to community led tourism initiatives. This includes showcasing best practice case studies, providing a community led tourism themed resource page and signposts to partner resources.

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Programme of Support

Individual communities and community led tourism enterprises will have access to small grant and other support programmes which provide resources to progress specific activity – e.g. professional blogs, promotional campaigns, facilitated workshops and learning exchanges

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Collective Voice - Leadership and Representation

SCOTO will act as a conduit for the voice of community led tourism on national, regional and local forums, advisory groups and networks. This is to ensure the community led tourism sector has a voice when relevant strategy, policy and delivery plans are being considered and developed.

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Data and Intelligence

Individual communities and community led tourism enterprises will benefit from the availability of data and intelligence which demonstrates the social and economic value of community led tourism in Scotland and which will allow proper analysis of gaps and opportunities and provide evidence to support the further development of community led tourism across Scotland and individual projects and initiatives.

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Services, Contracts and Partnerships

Individual communities and community led tourism enterprises will either have access to services available from SCOTO or benefit from contracts and services being progressed by SCOTO for strategic partners such as (but not limited to) local authorities, Enterprise Agencies and tourism organisations.

Join the SCOTO Network

The SCOTO Community Tourism Network is now a CIC - Community Interest Company registered in Scotland SC726720. After operating for two years, we recognised that the above structure of the organisation better aligned with our vision and reflect our growing Network.  

We want to focus on establishing a robust Network of community tourism enterprises and initiatives across Scotland. The strength of the SCOTO Network lies in the sharing of information and inspiring each other, and we strongly believe everyone should have a voice in this conversation. 

We will still continue to be a cooperative owned by our Networkers, but in order to ensure inclusivity, we have adopted an open policy without any fees for individuals. While engagement with the SCOTO Network is free, we will require official registration to join the organisation.

For enterprises, associations, trusts and supporters, you can join through a relevant fee structure.

SCOTO Networker

Any individual, regardless of whether they are a volunteer or employed on a full or part-time basis, will be eligible to join as a SCOTO Networker.

There is no cost to be a SCOTO Networker - click below to join.

SCOTO Enterprise

Community enterprises, associations, trusts and charities will all be eligible to join as a SCOTO Enterprise for a small yearly fee of £36 plus additional 'pay to play' services.

This will allow your organisation to have an entry on the SCOTO Map and other benefits.

SCOTO Supporters

Additionally, we extend a warm welcome to businesses and organisations who align with our principles and wish to support and contribute to the Network's activities through our SCOTO Supporters.

The Supporters fee is £100/£250/£1000 donation depending on the size of your business/enterprise, plus we have a range of exciting 'pay it forward' options so that you can support local activity in your area.

SCOTO's Impact

SCOTO's activities during its first year have been innovative and substantial for such a new and small organisation.

Have a look at our first year of activity to gain insight into the achievements, reach, and impact of this growing network:

SCOTO 2022-23 Year 1 Summary


Diane Smith, Moray Walking & Outdoor Festival

“Like other community run organisations, we are volunteers/free-lancers working a few hours a week. So it's hard to keep up with the latest opportunities, examples of good practice or innovative ideas, support and potential funding. By providing a network for similarly focused organisations, SCOTO will fill that gap.”

Emma Guy, CLT Participant & ex SCOTO Director

“The strength for me is in the peer to peer network, and I'm keen for this to be an area where we all connect, people engage, and we tackle the challenges and opportunities together- I think SCOTO is the perfect vehicle for this