a conscious choice
a conscious choice
Are you seeking an authentic experience in Scotland, delivered by proud and passionate locals?
With more and more communities owning tourism assets and investing in the local tourism offer there is real scope to experience our world first hand and get to the heart of individual communities across Scotland. Let us introduce you to all the places you can go to experience exactly that. By making a conscious choice of where you stay, eat, buy and do activities, you can be confident every pound spent is also an investment in the host community's landscape, culture, people and future.


Find places throughout Scotland to 'Stay, Eat, Buy, Do, Enjoy' and receive a real community welcome.

View our fully interactive map with all the places to go and experience throughout Scotland.

Be a temporary local!
At the heart of community tourism is the desire for locals to welcome visitors into their world and for visitors to their community to see it and value it as much as locals do. Thinking of yourself as a temporary local helps everyone have a great experience and with mutual respect at the heart of it.

By being a temporary local for a day, a short break or a longer stay you’ll have a different mindset and probably gain much more insight into life within our communities and why we love our life here so much. And who knows where it could take you - all across Scotland we have witnessed holiday makers opting to move and live within our communities after having had a taste of what life is like.

The concept of temporary locals came from Copenhagen – and gives such a great sense of what tourism can and should be like in a post Covid world.

Come and immerse yourself in our localness !

A conscious choice

Discover how you can make a difference

Your tourism choices can make a positive impact on social, environmental, economic, cultural and place-based aspects of communities.

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