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SCOTO Grant Programme

View SCOTO's current grant progammes exclusively tailored for SCOTO members.
‘Temporary Locals’ Blog Grant Scheme - Round II
Funded through Scottish Community Alliance's Pockets and Prospects initiative, the Blog grant scheme for SCOTO Members initially ran from Dec 2022 to March 2023. This year we have secured further funding for another 19 blogs.

This funding specifically supports our members in doing small things that can make a big difference.

The Temporary Locals’ Blog Grant Scheme was used to appoint Robin McKelvie, Scottish Award-Winning Travel Writer, to work with 24 of SCOTO’s community tourism members to produce visitor-facing blogs for the new www.belocal.scot/ website. The blogs profile what the organisation offers, its backstory and the individuals involved to specifically inspire visits.

Over the next eight months, we have an opportunity for Robin to work with another 19 community tourism organisations to create tailored visitor-facing blogs.

Application Process

There are 19 blogs available for SCOTO Members:

1st Round -  Apply by 1st August  for the opportunity of your organisation being featured in one of 8 blogs to be developed between August and October

2nd Round - Apply NOW for the opportunity of your organisation being featured in of one of 8 blogs to be developed between November and February.

Applications will be assessed by a small panel and shortlisted for final selection by Robin. Criteria for selection will be qualitative and we will be looking to have good geographic spread across Scotland and to showcase the range of different types of Community Tourism activity available.

Anyone unsuccessful in the first round can reapply for the second round



This grant is available to anyone who has expressed an interest in joining the SCOTO Network.

As we have not formally launched The SCOTO Network membership scheme, we ask that you confirm when completing the application that you will officially join as a SCOTO Enterprise.

We plan to launch this imminently but do not want to delay this grant programme. A SCOTO Enterprise is an organisation in Scotland that own/manage a tourism venture, facility or service and which derive local benefits (such as jobs, volunteering opportunities, local services etc.).

Who is Robin McKelvie?

Robin McKelvie is an award-winning travel writer and broadcaster.

Robin has written for over 200 magazines and newspapers worldwide, including Daily Mail, Times, Telegraph, Guardian, IOS, Herald, Sunday Post, Wanderlust, CNN, Highlife, Australian, ABTA, Travel Weekly, Nat Geographic Mag, Group Leisure & Travel, Emirates and The National. AND a lot of radio and TV too. You can read more about Robin's background and why he wants to be involved with community tourism in our blog section.

Robin Out At Grulin

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