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How can VisitScotland support community tourism organisations? Here are some quick and direct links to some helpful information.

Here you'll find recent information from Visit Scotland, which will help you understand how they work and how they can help you. You can find further advice and data by visiting their business-related website pages.


Ask SCOTO if you need specific information or if you have something you'd like to share that could help others.


Green Tourism New Member Offer

Under the Visit Scotland Destination Net Zero Offer, eligible businesses can get up to £500 off their first year’s Green Tourism membership. As first-year fees range from £270-£870 inclusive of VAT and registration fee, that could mean free membership for a year. Further discount is offered by Green Tourism for eligible businesses in any of the 13 UNESCO National Trail of Scotland areas - the option of one year’s fully funded Green Tourism membership, plus a further 50% discount on membership fees in years two and three. Both offers are subject to availability and all of the details can be found on relevant offer pages, for the general Destination Net Zero discount offer here and the UNESCO Trail discount here.

Industry Relationship Managers

VisitScotland's Industry Relationship Managers (IRMs) are the first port of call for Scottish tourism businesses looking for personalised advice and support. Based across Scotland they can answer a variety of questions, from advice on VisitScotland products like Quality Assurance to how to use digital to your advantage – and everything in between. 

They are responsible for building, developing and managing relationships with businesses across the visitor economy.

Those with tourism offerings can find contact details for their IRM here - Industry Relationship Managers|


VisitScotland's Research & Insights

VisitScotland has extensive information and insight about our visitors to help inform your activities and future plans

Find out about visitors from: UK and Overseas

Find out all about the visitor of tomorrow: Trends For Tomorrow

Visitor Management

On the VisitScotland website, there is a detailed plan on Scotland's approach to Visitor Management:  Visitor Management: Scotland's Plan & Objectives |

Chris Taylor - Insights to Scottish Tourism

At our October SCOTO Gathering our guest speaker, Chris Taylor, Highlands Region Director of Visit Scotland, shared insights into Scottish tourism  - you can view his slides here >

VisitScotland Digital Skills

VisitScotland are currently running a series of digital skills webinars in partnership with Business Gateway. You can view them here >

Marketing Information

VisitScotland has a several useful marketing pages on their website:

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