The Cateran Eco Museum

The Cateran Eco Museum

The Cateran Ecomuseum is an outstanding cultural destination in the heart of Tayside. A 'museum without walls' set across 1,000 sq km’s of the beautiful and dramatic landscapes of eastern Perthshire and western Angus, all of the Ecomuseum sites are outside.

Situated on the 500-million-year-old Highland Boundary Fault – the great geological feature that divides the Scottish Highlands from the Lowlands – the area’s human history stretches back through millennia with sites identified from Neolithic times.

Designed to reveal the hidden heritage of this little known part of Scotland by the community who live there, you can visit over 130 sites through 20 itineraries that can be enjoyed by walkers, cyclists and those visiting by car.

The Ecomuseum’s website also offers you the opportunity to design your own itinerary.


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