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Visitor Levy Bill

Your opinion is important.
Below are some quick links to give you all the information and tools you need to make your voice heard on the proposed Scottish Visitors Levy Bill

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Update on Visitor Levy Bill
The Committee has published its Stage 1 report.

You can access it via the following link: Stage 1 Report on Visitor Levy (Scotland) Bill (

Or read the media release PDF, which provides a summary of the Committee's recommendations here.

Timescales for Stage 2 are currently unconfirmed, but the expectation is that it would take place before Easter recess. Similarly, Stage 3 timings are unconfirmed but the expectation is that it would take place before summer recess.


Stage 2 (Amendments) 

MSPs can propose changes to a Bill – these are called ”amendments”. Any MSP can suggest amendments. The amendments are debated and decided on at a committee meeting (usually the same committee that was the lead committee at Stage 1). Only the committee members can vote on amendments at this stage.

If any amendments are agreed to at Stage 2, a new (amended) version of the Bill is published. This is the version considered at Stage 3.


Stage 3 (Amendments, debate and final vote) 

MSPs can propose further amendments to the Bill. These are debated and decided on in the Debating Chamber, and at this stage, all MSPs can vote on them. There is then a debate and vote on whether to pass the Bill. If the Bill is not passed, it falls and can’t become law. 


Turning the Bill into an Act 

If the Bill is passed, it is normally sent for Royal Assent after about four weeks. Royal Assent is when the Bill gets formal agreement by the King and becomes an Act of the Scottish Parliament.

Some Acts become law straight after Royal Assent. Some only become law on a later date. Sometimes, different bits of the same Act become law on different dates.



What is the Visitor Levy Bill ?
There are a number of documents which explain the bill.
How to give your opinion?
The Participation and Communities Team at the Scottish Parliament are actively engaging with communities across Scotland on the proposed Scottish Government Visitor Levy Bill.

You can use a number of different consulation tools to give feedback including:

• Submit a detailed response to the Committee about the Visitor Levy (Scotland) Bill.

• Submit your views using the digital forum

• Write to your MSP. Find your MSP here

Attend our event below

• Complete the SCOTO Survey below

SCOTO Events

In partnership with the Participation and Communities Team, we have organised the below event to help you form your opinions and ensure that they are heard.

At our September SCOTO Gathering on  Thursday 7 September at 7pm we will will be joined by Allan Hunter, a clerk from the Participation and Communities Team and Greig Liddell from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe).

This interactive session will be held as an official community consultation for the Bill, meaning that notes from this SCOTO meeting will be on public record, and the Committee will consider this information alongside all the other evidence gathered.

This special SCOTO Gathering can be booked here >

Making sure that the voices of community tourism is heard.

SCOTO is keen to gather views from our network and be able to present a community tourism perspective on what is proposed which can then form part of our evidence which will be the focus of our TVL Gathering on 7 September 2023.  Please complete the survey below:

The survey will take around 10-15 minutes of your time to complete and your engagement in this is very much appreciated and will ensure the SCOTO Network has a voice worth listening to.