Visitor Reseach

Visitor Research

Getting to know your visitors is vital when developing or operating a tourism enterprise.

Good data can inform good management decisions and is the all-important evidence for investment decisions. Here you'll find links to information and insight to help you understand who your visitors are and what they like.

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The Scottish Tourism Observatory

As a key action agreed by STERG the Scottish Government funded the establishment of the Scottish Tourism Observatory aiming to make tourism data for Scotland easy to find and to use.

The Observatory is under development and has various data available under different categories.  They are seeking to grow this through time so do check back for new content.

The Scottish Tourism Observatory

Much of this data is also provided on the website. 

VisitScotland's Research & Insights

VisitScotland has extensive information and insight about our visitors to help inform your activities and future plans

Find out about visitors from: UK and Overseas

Find out all about the visitor of tomorrow: Trends For Tomorrow

Regional Data

VisitScotland hold data and research on all of Scotland’s regional destinations. There is good analysis of data through time and scope to compare different regions to better understand your region and its key characteristics.

Regions: Research on your area


UNWTO Tourism Data

The World Tourism Organisation is a United Nations agency, and it provides statistics and insights on key indicators for inbound and outbound tourism and global, regional and national levels.


Scottish Government Statistics

The Scottish Government have 250 datasets to explore from key facts to detailed information about Scotland, as well as linked data from main Scottish organisations like Scottish Natural Heritage and Visit Scotland.


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